Q’ente Goals and Projects

Q’ente Goals and Accomplished Projects


Each of these projects was funded fully or in part through profits earned from Q’ente’s textile sales in Canada.



Materials and equipment needed for the long-term success and growth of the artisan association.

• Alpaca and sheep wool (2011)

• Floor looms (2007)

• Dishes and cupboards for “experiential tourism” projects within certain communities (2011)



Optometry Campaign (2010)

The men and women of the 3 Mapacho Valley communities who experienced problems with their eyes or eyesight were taken to a non-profit clinic in the Sacred Valley where they each had their eyes examined by volunteer doctors visiting from the United States. Each person received a pair of reading glasses and sunglasses; one woman was sent for a repeat-visit in order to receive treatment for a more serious eye condition.



Weaving Centre (2012)

Construction of a weaving centre in Bombón is nearing completion, thanks to the hard work of some of the Mosqoy students who travelled to Bombón to help build the structure as one of their Kallpa K’oj projects. Inauguration of the new building is scheduled for August 2012.

Battalion Park Library Project (2011-2012)

Renovation of an existing building in the community of Q’enqo was carried out by a team of Mosqoy students carrying out one of their Kallpa K’oj projects. Once the space was fixed up and furnished with new furniture, it was ready to receive books! The inauguration of the library was on March 5th 2012, and will be an invaluable resource to the Centro Educative de Q’enqo and its students for years to come. Funding for this project was obtained through an amazing relationship with a group of Grade 3 students at the Battalion Park School in Calgary, Alberta.



Videoconferencing Project (2010)

Mosqoy participated in a project initiated by educator Tim Kitchen from Calgary Alberta. Tim and his family travelled to several of our partner communities, including Q’enqo, Amaru and Pachar, and using still imagery as well as live video feed, transmitted the reality of life in Peru to 50 elementary and high schools in Alberta, adding an experiential dimension to the traditional curriculum on Peru.

Registration (2012)

Several of the weaving communities are excited about the possibility of formally incorporating their weaving associations, and registering them in the Public Registry in Cusco. Mosqoy and Q’ente are planning a workshop for August 2012 to help step them through the complicated legal process.

 Creation of a promotional video for the community of Q’enqo (2010).