Textile Revitalization Program – Q’ente Society

Q’ente Textile Revitalization Society


Founded simultaneously with Mosqoy in 2006, the Q’ente Textile Revitalization Society evolved to become much more than a Mosqoy program.

The Q’ente Society is an incorporated British Columbia not-for-profit society, which works directly with over 200 weavers in the Sacred Valley region of Peru by providing an outlet to sell textiles in North America. The aim of the project is to establish sustainability in the Sacred Valley region through the textile tradition, which is an integral part of the Quechua culture, history, and economy.


  • To help revitalize the Quechua textile tradition for its artistic, cultural, and historical value
  • To renew respect and pride for the Quechua culture, language, and lifestyle
  • To act as a networking platform for textile and cultural revitalization projects in the Peruvian Andes
  • To encourage the transmission of traditional knowledge and reconnection of generations in Quechua communities
  • To aid in the stabilization of the economy in participating communities, and bridge the gap in the commodity chain between producer and consumer
  • To foster international awareness of and compassion for issues faced by the developing world, international solidarity, and the value of indigenous traditions