The Global Stewardship Program

The Global Stewardship Program

Global change starts locally.  That’s the idea behind this program.

What’s Global Stewardship all about?

As our world becomes increasingly globalized, interconnected, and interdependent, it is important for young people to be aware of the impact that these changes are having across the globe. Our aim is to bring  Mosqoy’s key issues and themes into an educational context, where students of all ages can grow their awareness and expand their capacity to understand the changing world around them.


The global trend of increasing economic and technological development has had both positive and  negative consequences on many cultures all over the world. In many of the rural communities in the Peruvian Andes, social inequality has increased, while traditional ways of life are being threatened.

Today’s youth must be prepared for and educated about these issues, and at Mosqoy, we believe that it is only by engaging and cooperating with different cultures that we can challenge these negative consequences with a different vision. By providing students with the necessary skills to address these issues, the Global Stewardship Program enables them to create positive change in both their communities and the world at large.


Where do I find the Global Stewardship Program in action?

Program Initiatives:

Presentations and Lectures

We hold lectures and presentations in elementary, high school, and university classes. These presentations highlight the cultural, economic, and environmental issues that Mosqoy engages with in Peru and Canada. This includes:

  • Indigenous Quechua culture and heritage: Weavings, language, mythology, worldview
  • Important issues facing rural Quechua communities: The two vicious cycles of cultural degradation and economic instability
  • Running an NGO: Benefits and challenges associated with maintaining a volunteer-run yet multi-faceted organization
  • What is our role in “development”? How to work in a conscious and integrated way when working with marginalized populations, providing a hand up rather than a hand-out

We work with classes and groups to customize lectures that complement learning requirements or group interest.

Would you like to host a presentation at your school or community group? Please email Zoe at

• Facilitation of school clubs

We’re grateful to be connected to so many dedicated, energetic students who are eager to get together, share their knowledge, and start a Mosqoy club.

Often these clubs set a main focus, such as sponsoring a student or helping build communities’ capacity to initiate development projects. We provide guidance and support to help clubs reach their goals and to provide an engaging and fulfilling connection to our programs in Peru, including Mosqoy students living in Cusco.

For more info on Mosqoy school clubs, contact:

• Practicum credit in university courses

Both Mosqoy and our practicum students have benefitted greatly from arranging academic study or work experiences, and we’re able to create custom programs that fit students’ skills and academic interests. This can include practicum courses, field studies, and directed studies.

Want to find out more about getting credit while working with Mosqoy?


Ambassadorship Program

The Ambassadorship program provides Mosqoy students with an opportunity to travel to Victoria, BC, where they can experience Mosqoy’s operations in Canada. These intercultural learning experiences sum up what global stewardship is all about: education and awareness of other cultures as the foundation of positive change.

Thanks to collaboration with the University of Victoria, particularly the English Language Centre, the students attend courses in English and a variety of other subjects at the university and experience many opportunities to interact and connect with peers during their stay in Victoria. Our Student Ambassador Liaison volunteers help coordinate the ambassadorship program and provide support for the students as needed.

In return, Mosqoy students provide students in Canada with the rare chance to get a first-hand account of life in the Peruvian Andes, along with a grounded sense of the history, traditions, and culture of the region that.

Our next ambassadorship program is scheduled for Winter/Spring 2015. Watch this page for news and updates and ways you can get involved!