Mosqoy 5 SPONSOR!

Mosqoy 5 Students

This year’s Mosqoy 5 students have been selected, and are ready to move into Casa Mosqoy and start their studies as soon as they secure funding. ‘Mosqoy 5’ refers to the ‘generation’ of each group. We couldn’t be more pleased that we’re currently working towards sponsoring our 5th generation of students, making a total of over 60 students overall who have been supported by the Mosqoy Andean Youth Fund.

Please share this page, and circulate this list far and wide, as most of these students need help to fund their upcoming post-secondary education.

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Raul Mamani Melo

Study: Tourism

be good citizens by keeping our culture & Quechua language.

I was born on April 21st, 1995, in the community of Huilloc. I live with my parents and 2 brothers and a sister. I studied in my primary school 50617, in my community of Huilloc from 2001 to 2006. Then I started my secondary studies in Ollantaytambo District School in 2007, which I finished in the year 2011 in a satisfactory manner, because there was no secondary in my community. Now that I have finished my secondary studies I want to continue but my parents do not have enough money so that I would be able to study.

I would like to study “tourism” to help my community by bringing more tourists to my community so they know how we live, work crafts, agriculture and how we raise our animals. Thus my community brothers will know how to earn their money and sell to the tourists so that they will have money. In this way, they can provide education and good nutrition to their small children and be good citizens by keeping our culture and our language of Quechua.

By learning English, I can teach English to the rest of my brothers of my community and so that they can sell, in English, the products and crafts that were made in our community.

Itayoshara Guillen Castillo

Study: Tourism at the National University of San Antonio Abad

I want to form my own company and generate jobs.

Hi, my name is Itayoshara Guillen Castillo and I was born on March 4, 1995. I am 17 years old. It has been one year since I finished high school and I am presently studying tourism in the National University of San Antonio Abad in Cusco. I chose this degree program because, in the future, I want to form my own company and generate jobs. My hobbies are dancing, listening to music and walking in the countryside.

I live with my mother and her new partner. I have one brother who is 5 years old. My biggest wish is to know a lot of places, to be able to know cultures, traditions and customs of different people and I know that I am going to achieve this. I want to be in Casa Mosqoy because I don’t have a stable economic situation to be able to reach my dreams of becoming a big professional. Thank you for having read my letter.

Clayda Paucar Vilca

Study: Psychology and Business Administration

I am one of those people who looks for improvement.

I was born on August 20, 1994 in the community of Phiry- Ollantaytambo.

My primary education finished in the community of Phiry and my secondary in I.E.S Ollantay- Ollantaytambo. I am the fourth of 6 sisters, my father is in agriculture and my mother is a housewife. I consider my personality to be enthusiastic. I am one of those people who looks for improvement, the change, that person who looks to go beyond in life.

I am proud to be a part this project, which transforms the life of young people of this generation and I know it does much more. I am proud because I will have the opportunity to know, help and share the new experiences I will gain during my life. In addition, it will help me be the pride of my parents, my family, and my community. And of course of the project. Thank you.

Carmen Rosa Mescco Unapillco

Study: Police Officer

My dream is to be a police officer

My name is Carmen Rosa Mescco Unapillco. I am 19 years old.

I am from the district of Ollantaytambo. My mother is Juana Unapillco Huallpa and she is a housewife and an agriculture worker. My father, Epifanio Mescco Murio, died 16 years ago. I have 9 brothers & sisters. I live with my mother.

My dream is to be a police officer. My favourite sport is volleyball.


Christian Guerra Aeoña

Study: Heavy Machinery

The objective of helping my family and supporting my community.

I am Christian Guerra Aeoña. I live in Tanccac, which belongs to the the community of Tanca.

It is the place I spent my childhood with my siblings and my parents, with whom I spent many beautiful moments that I will never forget.

My family is consists of 7 members and is a humble family, hard-working and very united.But I am looking towards a profession that will guarantee me the opportunity to support my family for a better quality of life so to not spend sad moments like before and so my mother and father can feel proud of my achievements.

I would like to study heavy machinery with the objective of helping my family and supporting my community. Also so that others can feel proud of one of their friends from the community.

Thank you.

Carlos Yasmani Abrill Guevara

Study: auto mechanics, communication science and graphic design

I lost each and every one of my uncles to alcohol.

I am Carlos Yasmani Abrill Guevara and I was born on August 1, 1994 in the city of Urabamba.

I am 18 years old. I spent my childhood with my family, but not with my father because he abandoned us (mother and my siblings) when we were very young. But we were able to overcome this and now we are very happy and united. We are able to be outstanding together to overcome any problem. On the other hand, I am very proud because until now we are living harmoniously since I can accept the past and I can remember the beautiful moments which I was playing with my siblings and mother which are now very special for all of us. I also remember sad moments in the past when I lost each and every one of my uncles to alcohol.

Now my five siblings (Rene, Juana Mercedes, Karina, Diana, and Jose Luis), my mother Gabina and I feel more united than ever, even though three of my brothers moved away for work. I am the second to last of my siblings and I want to study to help my family and so be able to repay the efforts and sacrifices that my mother gave for me. Also to be able to be a source of pride for her and my family which has suffered a lack of money as well as the love of a father, which was much needed especially for the three youngest. Because of this, I want to apply myself and study the careers that i like such as auto mechanics, communication science and graphic design. I know that I will be a pride for my family and for my community and if they need support, they know that I will be there to help them, for my family as much as my village.

Now, I know that will achieve it and all will be proud!

Thank you very much!

Mari Luz Ccana Maque

Studies: International Cooking

In the future we can support each other and exit from poverty.

My name is Mari Luz Ccana Maqque. I am 18 years old and was born on August 20, 1994.

I live in the community of Amaru, in the township of Pisac, in the district of Calca, in the province of Cusco. I finished my primary in the school 50181 in the community of Amaru in 2006 and my secondary studies in Amauta of Quello Quello in 2011 in the community of Amaru.

My dream is to study international cooking to provide better attention to people who come and visit from different counties, to show the best products we have in our community and as such to have income for the benefit of the community and to benefit my family to go forward and to be better than now. In the future we can support each other and exit from poverty.