Student Ambassadorship

The Student Ambassadorship Program


The Issue:

Many indigenous communities in Peru’s Andean region are isolated from the rest of the world by both cultural and geographical factors. This prevents communities from being able to afford post-secondary educational opportunities for their youth. Without these skills, Quechua youth are unable to secure employment in the developing transitional economy.

How will this project help?

Mosqoy provides funds and support for students from indigenous communities in Peru’s Andean region so they can attend post-secondary institutions and embark upon careers that will revitalize their cultures and economies. Sending two of our most promising students to Victoria, Canada, will give them the opportunity to learn valuable language and professional skills, and will also raise awareness among a new generation of Canadian students about indigenous cultures and traditions.

Potential Long Term Impact

During their stay, the two students will attend ESL classes at the University of Victoria to give presentations to schools. This gives Canadian youth the opportunity to learn about Quechua culture, international not for profit organizations, and some of the economic and social challenges that are now facing Peruvian youth.

It’s wonderful to see the positive effects such cross-cultural exchanges, as those who participate gain knowledge, insight, and a deeper level of compassion towards each other’s diverse cultures, and ways of life.

Two student ambassadors will travel to Canada once every two years, allowing further opportunities for Peruvian students to gain valuable knowledge and the professional skills necessary to become leaders in their own communities.

Project Message

“Education is a luxury that not all people have easy access to. By bringing students from Peru to speak with Canadian youth, we are making a significant contribution to the education of both groups”.

– Graham Miles, Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator


Case Study

Our 2012 Ambassadors, Ehbert and Elvira.

Ehbert and Elvira are two Mosqoy Alumni who, through the sponsorship program, travelled from Peru to Canada in the winter of 2012. Both have been involved with Mosqoy since its’ beginnings in 2006. Since successfully graduating from their post-secondary studies, they’ve have shown inspirational dedication and integrity through their volunteer work as student leaders.

We were so excited to be able to choose them as our student ambassadors in 2012, expressing our gratitude for their presence at Mosqoy over the years.

While here, Ehbert and Elvira attended ESL classes at UVic, which gave them a chance to practice their English Skills, and also meet a number of international students from all over the globe. As they became more comfortable with their newly honed English skills, they began hosting a number of cultural exchange events including traditional Peruvian cooking classes, and giving presentations at schools about their lives in Peru, and Quechuan culture.

The Mosqoy team was thrilled to see the tangible effects of our dream beginning to take shape, as Mosqoy members and supporters, and all those who met Ehbert and Elvira were able to experience the positive connections that can be built through sharing ideas and perspectives across cultures.

Here are some reflections, written by Ehbert and Elvira, on their experiences as Student Ambassadors:

Hi, my name is Elvira I has been a good experience studying English at UVic because every day I learned new words and culture. It was exciting. I learned a lot of English. Many people helped me. At UVic I had a class from 8:30-12:45. I was never absent from my class. Every day, I spoke English with everyone. I also learned that some people have a lot of money. It is amazing!

My experience in Victoria is wonderful because I learned about Canadian culture and I saw the beautiful forest. I also learned about the daily life here. It is very different from Peru but I’m so happy because I could learn about Victoria and meet very good people. I’m lucky I also met volunteers who work for Mosqoy and Q’ente.

We participated in presentations at high schools and the university. I’m happy because I have talked about my life and my culture to almost 200 young Canadians. It was exciting because I used to be nervous speaking in front of an audience but now I’m not!

When people ask me about Peru or Indigenous communities, I’m really happy because they want to know about my culture. Thank-you to all the people who helped me. Now my dream is real. Thank-you, my time here has been great.


Hello, my name is Ebhert Florentino. I arrived in Victoria on January 5. I started to study at UVic on January 9th. I have had a nice experience here because I have learned a lot of English and I know new friends from other countries, for example Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Chile, China, Japan and many countries. I studied for 12 weeks and yesterday I had the final dinner with my friends and teachers. It was a nice dinner.

During my schedule in Victoria, every day I went to class. The class is in the morning from 8:30 until 12:45. On Saturday and Sunday, I went to play soccer with my new friends. Sometimes I went to a Mosqoy volunteer’s home to make food together or sometimes we went hiking in the mountains. I saw a hockey game and we also went to the opera and had many other activities at UVic.

I visited 3 high schools to explain about Mosqoy and Q’ente and I did one presentation at the First People’s House at UVic. In two weeks, I will go back to Peru, but I am very happy because I introduced many people here to the life in Peru and the difference between Peru and Canada.

Thank-you to everyone for everything and for the opportunity to come to Victoria and study at the university.


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