Andean Youth Program

Andean Youth Program


The Andean Youth Program, formerly known as the Sacred Valley Youth Fund, was Mosqoy’s first program in Peru.

Launched in 2006, it funds the post-secondary education of up to 20 promising students every year from the rural communities of the Peruvian Andes.  This program empowers young people to pursue their dreams of furthering their education in the city of Cusco while strengthening ties with their communities and their cultural heritage.



The children of Ollantaytambo, the Patakancha Valley, and other communities in and around the Sacred Valley region of Peru have limited means of turning their dreams for their future into reality after they graduate from high school. On average, only two or three students out of the 70 that graduate each year from Colegio Estatal Mixto Ollantay will continue their studies at a technical institute or university. Colegio Ollantay is the only high school in the town, and the only one available to children from the poor communities of the Patakancha Valley. The rest will follow their family jobs either working in the markets or on the farms, uneducated and without an income to support a family of their own. Every generation of children becomes poorer, and the number of professionals in the community is decreasing rapidly, representing only 5% of the district’s population.


The objective of the Andean Youth Program (AYP) is to provide educational opportunities for the children of the Patakancha Valley who cannot afford to continue their studies after high school. Our hope is to create more leaders in the community and establish a chain of reciprocity for families to sustain themselves.

Mosqoy girl Quechua



Mosqoy’s Andean Youth Program assists up to 20 students every year by paying for their studies at a technical institute in Cusco, usually in a diploma program of three years. The students live in Cusco at Casa Mosqoy, a dormitory-style residence, with a resident adviser. In exchange for this opportunity, once the students’ careers are established, they are encouraged to provide a substantial contribution to the AYP to help future students. They are also expected to aid both their families and their community through financial support, time, or skills. The idea is that the AYP  will not only assist these particular students, but that it will grow each year and have an impact on future generations.

While studying and living in Casa Mosqoy, the students are required to:

  •  Attend their classes and maintain dedication to their studies
  •  Contribute to the Mosqoy community and the household of Casa Mosqoy by participating in events and meetings
  •  Carry out volunteer service through our Kallpa K’oj program, which allows students to use their skills to help support to Andean communities in Peru.

Who will benefit?

The selected students have demonstrated the following:

  1. A strong desire to pursue their education after high school and obtain a professional career
  2. A lack of economic resources to continue their studies
  3. Willingness to assist their families, the Andean Youth Program, and their communities
  4. Good grades and leadership qualities, as recognized by the directors of Colegio Ollantay

The students’ families will benefit from the program as well, as students are expected to give back a portion of their future income to assist the AYP, their communities, and by extension, their families. With the help of these students, every year the project will grow and benefit generations to come.




 Our hope is that the Andean Youth Program will continue to grow each year, giving the gift of education to an increasing number of students. One of the project’s goals is for the AYP students to become role models for the youth in the community of Ollantaytambo. These students will set an example to dream towards brighter futures, and will establish a larger base of professionals in the district with the aim of fostering sustainable and improved living standards amongst impoverished families in the future.

Strategic goals

Mosqoy has a number of strategic goals for the AYP that we’re working towards. They include:800px-Colca-condor-c03

Building our very own Casa Mosqoy

We hope to build/purchase a permanent home for Mosqoy students in a central location in Cusco. This would enable us to work towards creating an ideal homebase for students and avoid costly rental fees.

Expand to 20 new students per year

Currently we have 10 new students in the program per year, with a total of 30 students in the program altogether. This would increase the number of total students in the program to 60 students annually!

Expand to offer scholarships to students in all of our weaving communities

We would like to work with a greater number of ‘colegios’ (secondary schools) in Andean communities, particularly those which support our Textile Revitalization Project.

Where does our funding come from?

Currently, the majority of our funding is provided by our generous student sponsors. However, as we develop our programs further, we plan to fund the Andean Youth Program from various revenue streams. Our funding would then ideally come from:

25% rextile sales from our sister organization, Q’ente Textile Revitalization Society

25% student sponsorships

25% alumni funds

25%  Global Stewardship Program, which includes the funds raised by school clubs, concerts, etc.

Community Profiles

Full Community profiles coming soon!

Mosqoy seeks to cast as wide a reach as possible when considering prospective students. We currently sponsor students from the following communities within the Mapacho River Valley and the Sacred River Valley:

Ollantaytambo, Soqma, Pachar ,Tanccac, Phiry, Cachiccata, Pallata, Bandolista, Rumira, Amaru, Cancha Cancha, Oncopacha, Huilloc, Chillca, Rayan.

Student Sponsorships

Most of our students are funded through generous donations from sponsors.  Sponsorships usually last the entire duration of a student’s studies, between 2 and 3 years.  Year and half-year sponsorships are also available.

100% of sponsorship funds go to Peru, where they cover the student’s tuition fees and accommodation in Casa Mosqoy in Cusco.

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