Mosqoy is extremely grateful for all the hard work and dedication from our wonderful team of volunteers. Volunteering with Mosqoy is a great way to gain experience, meet great people, and feel inspired. There are lots of ways to get involved. Check this page for available opportunities, or contact us at volunteer@mosqoy.org  for more information. Are you interested in joining us? Look for a role that sounds like a good fit for you:

I’m a student/ community member

UVic Club Event Volunteers:

The Mosqoy UVic Club is is an awesome group to be a part of. The club works towards raising certain monetary goals per year to support our programs in Peru. We need more enthusiastic volunteers to help the club in its events and fundraising initiatives, such as our regular Trivia nights at Felicita’s!

For more information about becoming a UVic Club Event Volunteer, please email:


Co-op Internships

We offer co-op placements through UVic, every semester. Pending funding, our summer placements are paid positions, while our fall and spring co-op placements are unpaid. These co-op placements can take place in either Canada or Peru, and count as credit towards one work-term. Depending on Mosqoy’s current needs and the student’s skillsets, the tasks of the placement vary considerably.

Start a Branch:

Community makes us stronger! Create or integrate a student club, community group, or community branch to host fundraising events, sell textiles at fair-trade fairs, create publicity campaigns or sponsor a student.

For more information about starting a school or community branch, please email our Marketing Director at:


I’d like to volunteer in Peru

 Mosqoy & Q’ente Fellowships:

We offer 4-6 month leadership fellowships in Peru. These are exceptional learning opportunities and resume builders that provide direct, hands-on field experience. Mosqoy fellowships focus more on our education program by working directly with our scholarship students and their families, Q’ente fellowships focus on our textile communities and fair-trade weaving initiatives.

For more information about Mosqoy and Q’ente Fellowship programs, please email:


Education Generation Fellowships:

These are 6-week summer fellowships that focus specifically on the education program. They include a base program (communications, monitoring, and documentation of students), as well as a focus project (depending on the fellow’s interests and skillsets). These fellowships are full for summer 2012, but the summer 2013 application will be available in the New Year.

For more information about Education Generation’s Fellowship Program, check out:

Education Generation’s Fellowship Page

I can help out casually/ part-time

Volunteer Translators:

We need passionate bilingual speakers to help us translate letters from Sponsors and Students into Spanish and English, contribute to our website, and help create promotional materials.

(This would be a casual position, where you can accept or decline translation jobs as they come, depending on your availability. You would simply be on our roster.)

If you’re interested in becoming a Spanish-English translator, please contact:


Grant Writing and Fundraising Assistants:

This vital position can be carried out virtually anywhere in the world, and would assist the Grant Writing and Fundraising Coo

rdinator to obtain grants, organize funding campaigns and help Mosqoy achieve long-term sustainability. A G&F assistant must have strong writing and interpersonal skills, and would ideally have some experience working in finance, business, or the NGO sector.

For more information about becoming a Grant Writing and Fundraising Assistant, please email:


Student Sponsor Liaison:

This position would work as an assistant to our Andean Youth Programs Manager. He/she updates our student sponsors regarding Mosqoy students’ progress, with stories and photos, and reminding them of their financial pledges.

(This would require approximately 5 hours/week.)

For more information about becoming a Student Sponsor Liaison, please contact:


 Textile Sales Assistants:

We sell our fair-trade textiles at festivals and booths in British Columbia, and hope to start retailing through local businesses as well. We need individuals to help staff our booths and/or liaise with retail stores. (This is a casual position, where you can invest as much or as little time as you want.)

Event volunteers:

We host several events per year, for both fundraising and awareness purposes. We can always use extra hands!

For more information about becoming a textile assistant, please contact:


Marketing & PR volunteers:

We need our voice heard! We need enthusiastic and knowledgeable people to spread the word to various audiences, both locally and online to different communities.

For more information on becoming a Marketing and PR volunteer, please contact:


Leadership Positions:

Alternatively, much of the ‘driving force’ behind Mosqoy is thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers who work within a number of Leadership Positions. These positions require a more significant time commitment, but also offer an exciting opportunity to make a key contribution to our cause, and gain valuable experiences along the way.

For more information on our current leadership opportunities, please contact:



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