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  • Parobamba & Pitukiska Visit

    Hello Mosqoy Blog readers! A few weeks ago Ana, Gustavo, Barcelia and I traveled to the communities of Parobamba and Pitukiska for their monthly weaving association meetings. Saturday morning I woke up bright and early for just the start of my travels to the highland communities. At 3:45am, it began with a short walk to Ana’s apartment, down the hill. Don’t worry mom, the street dogs were still ...

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  • Missing Cuzco

    I spent two weeks during the holidays visiting my mom, grandma and friends in Arizona. On the eight hour layover in Lima, my second and last stop before entering the US, I began to think of a list of simple, everyday things that I would miss from Cuzco and Casa Mosqoy. This list wasn't really finalized until I was back in the US, in the thick of Black Friday fever. I was overwhelmed by the sheer ...

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  • Language Day at Casa Mosqoy

    I’m excited to finally have my official Mosqoy blog debut, as I’ve now been a Mosqoy volunteer for almost two years. Up until this April, I’ve known Mosqoy from the Victoria side, as the Administrative Manager, taking care of office and organizational details (not much interesting to blog about there). Since April, however, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to live and work in Peru as the Quechua Language Empowerment Fellow. For the past few months ...

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  • And the Adventures Continue…

    In late March, Cara, Katie and I embarked on a six-hour journey to Parobamba, a small community in the Mapacho River Valley. Our reasons for going were twofold: Katie had the monthly Q’ente meeting with the weaving association, and Cara and I had the chance to meet with one of the selected students for Mosqoy Cohort 7. It was an adventure, to say the least! After a jarring ride in the back of Señor Martin’s fruit ...

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  • Health Matters!

    Well, Casa Mosqoy has some happy news! Thanks to the LUSH funding we just received, we are able to provide professional psychologists to our students! In February, Cara and I began the process of interviewing potential candidates in Cusco. This past month, we were proud to announce to the students the availability of four incredible professionals. The students are now able to decide (based on personal preference) which psychologist they would like to meet with. Three ...

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  • Hello from Brooke!

    I began my journey in Peru empty-handed, with nothing but the shirt on my back and the valuable lesson of what it means to live simply! Yes, I am one of the unlucky ones whose baggage was forever lost in the dark void of airport security, never to be seen again. While I pride myself on being prepared for almost anything, I certainly wasn’t prepared for this. Despite the miserable situation of having only one ...

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  • A New Year

    With lessons learned and new resolutions gained, Casa Mosqoy has finished 2014 and started a new beginning. At the end of the year, we said goodbye to one of the most loyal Mosqoy team members, Kristina Zoller. Her going away party was particularly sentimental. The students and I spent several hours preparing for the special event with decorations, panetón and hot chocolate. Kristina’s impact on the Mosqoy ...

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  • Jordan AYP: Lesson #2 – Just don’t think about it

    "Jordan, your moto is already here," Stephanie said, as I found my way out of the stall that served as a 2-for-1, shower and squatting toilet. The gentle breeze touched my face, blowing my matted, dirty hair in front of my squinting eyes. The air was thick with cold mist; the clouds, tired, had stopped to rest and began to unpack their heavy load.

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  • Nora TFC: First Community Visits

    Time is moving at a startlingly rapid pace here in Cusco city, and I have been learning and absorbing new information and cultural idiosyncrasies. Since my last post, I have begun visiting the communities with whom Q’ente partners, which have been exciting, daunting, interesting and exhausting! The first ...

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  • AYP: Community Education

    “Investing is not the same as spending” - Isabel Baufumé (Founder of Qosqo Maki)

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