• Language Day at Casa Mosqoy

    I’m excited to finally have my official Mosqoy blog debut, as I’ve now been a Mosqoy volunteer for almost two years. Up until this April, I’ve known Mosqoy from the Victoria side, as the Administrative Manager, taking care of office and organizational details (not much interesting to blog about there). Since April, however, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to live and work in Peru as the Quechua Language Empowerment Fellow. For the past few months ...

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  • Camille – TCP Victoria: The end of winter in Victoria.

    The last few weeks have been rainy and gloomy in Victoria. However, we had a few nice days so I went to Beacon Hill Park, Dallas Road and Mount Tolmie with friends to enjoy the beautiful landscapes surrounding Victoria. It is at times like this that I realize that I am very lucky to live in such a nice place. Except for the rainy weather, I really like this city, I hope I will have ...

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  • Camille TCP -Victoria: My first month: exciting projects and events !

    It has been more than one month since I arrived in Victoria and I love it so far!  It is pleasant to live in this small city, here everybody is nice and relaxed and the landscape is beautiful. Last week it was very cold - look at this gorgeous picture of the Parliament's fountain! Even though I was in New Brunswick last semester and spent Christmas in Quebec, I'm not used to the cold and I'm ...

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  • Camille (TCP – Victoria): an introduction

    Hi readers ! I’m writing today my first blog and will do it once a month until April. Let’s begin by a short introduction of myself.  I’m a full-time Textile Community Program intern in Victoria. I come from France where I grew up in a small village of the South West. I’m a third year student in Sciences Po Toulouse which is a highly selective school (we have to pass a ...

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  • An introductory blog: Rosa Prieto

    Hi esteemed reader! I am the new Textiles Program Field Coordinator! While in Peru for the next six months I will be writing two blogs a month about my experiences. I hope you enjoy my perspectives and stories! The news that I would be spending the winter in Peru came at an unlikely time in an unlikely place. My three girlfriends and I were headed southward from the Yukon back to British Columbia after a fun-filled ...

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  • AYP: Global Stewardship in Action!

    Mosqoy would like to apologize for this tardy blog post—our Program Manager, Kristina, was on a well-deserved vacation for the first half of the month and was unable to post before leaving. She is back with all kinds of news from Casa Mosqoy and the students in Cusco!

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  • Zoe in Victoria:

    Greetings from Mosqoy in Victoria! It’s hard to believe we’ve reached mid-summer always goes fast, but this past month has been particularly speedy. About me: I worked as a summer intern at Mosqoy last year, and was immediately humbled and inspired by the amount of dedication and positivity that it’s volunteers possessed. At the end of the internship, I had this feeling that Mosqoy had become an important and awesome part of ...

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  • Mosqoy launching Indiegogo Campaign Tomorrow!

    Tomorrow, August 7th 2013, Mosqoy will launch our very own Indiegogo Campaign. Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform for anyone to raise funds for a project, whether it is to shoot a documentary, launch a product or build a school. Our goal is to raise $15,000 in 45 days. Our vision is to set a solid foundation for the next few ...

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  • Reflections from Katheryn: September’s Dye Workshop in Huaran

    My first dyeing workshop in Peru was a great experience, and as promised I would like to share with you some of the real action behind the weavings – the arduous process of dyeing with natural materials! The workshop I attended was held in Huaran, a small community in the middle of the Sacred Valley. The work took place in an open area, just off of the highway. Only in Peru can you host anything anywhere! The ...

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  • Leah in Cusco Part XVI: Photo shoot!

    We had an awesome photo shoot over the weekend with the help of a volunteer photographer. Jose Luis and I had great fun modelling the textiles, and the Huaran house makes a lovely setting.  We have many truly beautiful textiles, and it's great to have some shots that do them justice. A picture's worth a thousand words, so without further ado, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.... Enjoy!     

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