Camille (TCP – Victoria): an introduction

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Hi readers !

I’m writing today my first blog and will do it once a month until April.

Let’s begin by a short introduction of myself.  I’m a full-time Textile Community Program intern in Victoria. I come from France where I grew up in a small village of the South West. I’m a third year student in Sciences Po Toulouse which is a highly selective school (we have to pass a selective exam to study there). The first two years in Sciences Po are multidisciplinary, so I have studied lots of subjects, including political sciences, international relations, history, economy, law, foreign languages, sociology and communications. After my third year, which is (for all Sciences Po students) a year abroad at the university or in internship, I need to study two more years and would like to opt for an “International Cooperation and Economic Development” master’s degree.

Winter in Saint John

Winter in Saint John

So for my third year, I decided to go to Canada because I wanted to improve my English and to visit the country. I spent the first semester at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John which was a good (and cold) experience!

Then, I wanted to stay in Canada (but in another province) and to have an experience in a non-profit organization.  I found Mosqoy’s website in June, I was fascinated by the goals and values of the organization so I sent my resume.

And six months later, I’m in Victoria and I am very excited to be a part of such an amazing program! 

I have just finished my first full week which was a training week with Sarah. She kindly spent the week to explain to me everything I need to know to achieve my duties and projects. It was an enriching week, I met nice people (I particularly want to thank Sarah for her time and support!), I learned more in depth about Mosqoy, and I participated in a meeting with a potential wholesale buyer. I was also at the presentation Ashli gave on Thursday with the Weaver Guild. It was a great experience to listen to Ashli tell the story of Mosqoy and also to help with textile sale!

Weaver Guild Presentation and Sales

Weaver Guild Presentation and Sales

For now, I have to concentrate on some promising projects I have to develop, the first being a photo-shoot of the textiles!

See you next month!




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