10 Easy Ways to Support Our Indiegogo Campaign

10 Easy Ways to Support Our Indiegogo Campaign

Support Mosqoy’s Indiegogo Campaign in 10 Easy Steps

The success of our Indiegogo Campaign depends not only on your donations but also on how much BUZZ we generate about our campaign. The more activity and engagement around our campaign, the more prominent our campaign will be on Indiegogo…perhaps even on the Indiegogo homepage! Here are 10 ways you can help us. What level will you reach?

Level 1  – Alpaca

    1. Show our campaign some love! Share campaign regularly on Facebook and Twitter. With enough ‘shares’ we will be featured on Indiegogo’s home page and get much more exposure!

       Sample Tweet

      Support @Mosqoy #Indiegogo Campaign! 60+ indigenous students in Peru have attended post-secondary with our help. http://igg.me/at/mosqoy

      Sample Facebook Post (Link to: http://igg.me/at/mosqoy)

      Friends, watch this video and see why I support Mosqoy. They are making a real difference in the rural communities in the Peruvian Andes. They have already funded 60 students in their post-secondary education and helped over 200 weavers to sell their traditional textiles. Please share their story with your network and donate!

    2. Show our campaign video to at least 3 new people every week…and yes, whilst tipsy at a party counts!

    3. When we post our biweekly campaign updates (photos or videos), share it on Facebook or retweet it.

Level 2 – Andean Mountain Cat

    1. Copy/Paste this sentence “Supporter of Mosqoy’s Indiegogo Campaign – promoting educational and cultural rights of indigenous communities in Peru” into your email signature (links to our campaign page).

    2. Use our Mosqoy avatar as your Facebook profile picture during the campaign.

    3. Send a heartfelt email to your family and friends who share Mosqoy’s passions for Peru and Latin America, education, human rights, traditional textiles, development, indigenous cultures.

Sample Email

Subject: Mosqoy’s Indiegogo Campaign

As a volunteer/sponsor/support of Mosqoy, I’m excited to say that we have launched our campaign on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform.

Mosqoy is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping communities in the Peruvian Andes to develop economically without sacrificing their culture. We are accomplishing this by sending promising youths to post-secondary education and helping weavers sell their textiles fair trade. To date, we have funded over 60 students and helped over 150 weavers.

Take a few minutes to watch the video on their campaign page and learn about Mosqoy. You can help us not only by donating, but also SHARING our campaign on social media! The more shares we get, the more likely we will be featured on the Indiegogo homepage, boosting our visibility and success. There are also lots of fun perks you can get, including a pet alpaca, a haiku, and traditional Quechua textiles!



Level 3 – Hummingbird

    1. Do you have friends with a large social network or a blog? Ask them to write a post about our campaign, post on Facebook or tweet about us!

    2. Host a social gathering and ask your friends to bring a donation (ideas include a BBQ, dinner, pool party, or a tournament involving card games or board games)

    3. Email us with feedback & ideas! What could we do better, what you’d like to see… if you have an awesome campaign idea, we are dying to hear it!


  1. If you have a blog, write about us! We’ll share it far and wide!