• Education

    Funding the post-secondary education of up to 20 students every year.

  • Cultural Rights

    Strengthening cultural identity through a fair-trade weaving program.

  • Global Awareness

    Working with youth & elders in Peru. Raising global awareness in Canada.


    Donate. Sponsor a Student. Volunteer.

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Our Programs

Engaging the complex challenges of Peruvian Andean communities by addressing education, trade, cultural identity and globalization.

WANTED: Volunteers for 2015

Looking for volunteers for 2015 and beyond! In Victoria, Canada, Peru or elsewhere, there are a number of exciting opportunities.

Events in Canada

Our HQ in Victoria organises fundraising concerts, soirées, lectures, dinners, textiles fairs, trivia nights, story slams...
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The Mosqoy Team

Meet our dedicated team of volunteers. Working across countries and over language barriers, Mosqoyites share a common passion.